Milano Up

Giovanni Hänninen presents a “suspended” look on Milan. From above people’s heads, but not too high, see a city that seeks to change, once again. In fact, for the last thirty years, in Milan, there has been a series of many construction sites for major public works projects. Giovanni Hänninen portrayed some of these constructions of the past, left there unfinished, or abandoned, to testify to a thirst for transformation that was never satisfied. Alongside these, he documents the construction sites of the new major public works that should transform Milan into the venue imagined to host the 2015 Expo. A comparison and a wake-up call on changes in the city.

Giovanni Hänninen presenta uno sguardo “sospeso” su Milano. Da sopra le teste delle persone, ma non troppo in alto, guarda una città che cerca di cambiare, ancora una volta. È, infatti, da trenta anni a questa parte che, a Milano, si susseguono cantieri di grandi opere. Giovanni Hänninen ha ritratto alcune di queste costruzioni del passato, rimaste lì incompiute, o abbandonate, a testimoniare una sete di trasformazione mai soddisfatta. Accanto a queste, documenta i cantieri delle nuove grandi opere che dovrebbero trasformare Milano nella sede immaginata a ospitare l’Expo del 2015. Un raffronto e un campanello dʼallarme sui cambiamenti della città.


Spazio FORMA – Milan

24th June – 18th September 2011



D di Repubblica – 23rd April 2011 




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MOSE, acronym for Modulo sperimentale elettromeccanico (applied electromechanical module), is a system of mobile barriers meant to protect the city of Venice and its lagoon from the “acqua alta” phenomenon.

Manifattura Tabacchi Bologna

Images from the former tobacco factory of Bologna. A photo documentation by Giovanni Hänninen commissioned by Istituto Beni Culturali – Regione Emilia Romagna.


Designed in the 1970s by Kenzo Tange and Urtec, this neighbourhood should have been a new model of city surrounded by greenery.

Montrade Bologna

The British American Tobacco is the second largest cigarette company in the world.

Trilogia Navile

Images from the building site of Trilogia Navile, a project for residential buildings located inside the former fruit and vegetable market of Bologna.

Spina 3

Images form the Spina 3 neighbourhood, built in Turin on the area once occupied by the Fiat ironworks and the plants of Michelin, Savigliano and Paracchi.

New World

Inspired by The Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World” by Antonín Dvorák.

Abitare San Donato

In San Donato, as elsewhere, the continuity of collective space is an interructed project.