Autostrada del Brennero – Architetture e paesaggi


The photographs displayed in this section of the exhibition, are a thoughtful selection of the portraits that Giovanni Hänninen took between 2021 and 2022 swinging around the axis of the Brenner Motorway, to explore the three large environments that make up the route: the lowland section, the section that runs alongside the Adige River and the section that crosses the Isarco River. Inspired by other photographic campaigns by Paolo Monti and Gabriele Basilico, these photographs were developed starting from an accurate mapping of the places, achieved firstly flying thanks to satellite maps, and then on the ground. With this direction, Hänninen’s camera lens captured how the relations between the Brenner Motorway and the crossed territories have either strengthened or softened, contributing to amplify the perception and concept of motorway landscape.


An exhibition promoted by Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A.; DAStU – Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani, Politecnico di Milano


Curated by Andrea Gritti; Elena Fontanella; Claudia Zanda


Photographs by Giovanni Hänninen


In collaboration with di Gianluca Zavatarelli; Gianluca Munari


Maps by Marco Voltini


Le Gallerie, Piedicastello, Trento

September 29th, 2023 – February 4th, 2024

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