The AFTER/DOPO exhibition aims to investigate Val di Sella following the storm Vaia which destroyed the land in 2018.

The Missing Piece

An intimate portrait of Milan, one of the cities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Layered Mumbai

The beginning of a research that aims to create an atlas that uses photography as a tool for analysing the city’s dynamics.

Il viaggio della Roland Ultra

Il viaggio di Roland Ultra (“The Travels of Roland Ultra”) began with the desire to encounter new people and places, and experience a fresh start.

CARA di Mineo

In the middle of Sicily, surrounded by orange fields, CARA di Mineo is a state funded migration Center for Asylum seekers, the biggest reception center in Europe

Madrid M30

In 2017 Giovanni Hänninen was called by Giovanna Calvenzi of Studio Basilico to continue Gabriele Basilico’s work on the three European cities with a circular structure: Moscow, Milan, Madrid.

Landscapes of Senegal

A selection of landscape pictures which aims to give a sincere and diversified view of the real Senegal.


A documentation of the present situation and a first step in the study of how electric light could change the life of the village.

Abitare San Donato

In San Donato, as elsewhere, the continuity of collective space is an interructed project.

Mi-Bg 49km

The research dedicated to the 49km of motorway connecting Milan to Bergamo.


Bicocca in Milan, Island Brygge in Copenhagen, Hafen City in Hamburg: three major urban transformation projects.


CittàinAttesa is an ideal city, built with forgotten pieces of Milan.

Milano Up

A “suspended” look on Milan. From above people’s heads, but not too high, see a city that seeks to change, once again.