Madrid M30

In 2017 Giovanni Hänninen was called by Giovanna Calvenzi of Studio Basilico to continue Gabriele Basilico’s work on the three European cities with a circular structure: Moscow, Milan, Madrid. The great master had started the project with Mosca Verticale (Museo Statale di Architettura Schusev – Muar, Mosca, 2011). 

Nel 2017 Giovanni Hänninen è stato chiamato da Giovanna Calvenzi dello Studio Basilico a continuare il lavoro di Gabriele Basilico su tre città a pianta circolare in Europa: Mosca, Milano, Madrid. Il grande maestro aveva cominciato questo lavoro con Mosca Verticale (Museo Statale di Architettura Schusev – Muar, Mosca, 2011). 


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La casa di Pier Luigi Pizzi

In Venice, overlooking rio San Polo, director and set designer Pier Luigi Pizzi has found the ideal place to live, study and exhibit his wonderful collection of Seventeenth century art.

Studio Mumbai

In 2018 Giovanni Hänninen was called by Bijoy Jain to document the projects carried out by Studio Mumbai in India.


Assab One is a non profit organisation founded by Elena Quarestani that aims at providing artists with a non-conventional environment for research and expression.

Complesso Monumentale della Pilotta

A new vision that finally gives entirity to the different cultural institutions hosted in Pilotta: these are the pillars of the new ambitious projects by Simone Verde, Pilotta’s director.